How to choose your fire fans if you are beginner?

Want to spin fire fans, but there are so many options? Where to get and what to choose? This article can help you in your choice.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing.

How to Choose Fire Fans
Flower Fire Fan

1. What will you use them for?

If you are a dancer or want to make only photo session with them, this probably means that the fans will be more static. Then you need larger fans so the fire won’t burn your hands.

If you are going to spin technical tricks, then the big fans will hinder you. You need small or mid-size fans. And there is no problem with the heat, because as long as the fans move, they will not feel hot on your hands.

2. Where will you use them? Is the weather hot or cold for you? This is important, because the weather conditions increase the feeling of hot.

If where you live or spin a fire is warm, then the feeling of heat from the fans increases.

If it is cold, the heat from the fans will not bother you, actually it will be a positive factor.

3. Are you a beginner?

If you are a beginner, the fans may seem heavy. You will be more comfortable with smaller fans. In order not to be afraid of fire, it is also good to have smaller heads (1 inch). But remember that one day you can outgrow then and you may like to have bigger fire heads.

If you are advanced or will use the fans for show, then you are used to the weight and you will be feeling good with fans of any size, but preferably with larger heads (1.5 inches).

These are the basic principles of choice. I hope this helps you find your dream fans!

May the flow be with you!