How to protect your flow props and make their life longer?

Before you start with the first fire on the kevlar, Leave it soaking longer in the flammable liquid.

Always have it well impregnated with fuel before burning it up.

 Do not leave it burning still, without moving. When the fire is about to go out, do not leave the kevlar on the ground to burn.

Extinguish it shortly before the fire runs completely out. When most of the fuel is burned, the fire starts to damage the kevlar.

Always use appropriate fuel.

 Do not use water to extinguish the fire tool. Use wet towel.

Don’t roll it on the ground, because your will damage the head.

Try to not drop the prop. Dropping the prop can cause damage on it. The different props and depends how hard is the drop can handle different pressure.

Do not store them with heavy objects on them. Even made from metal, if its heavy it may cause bending.

For flow props from fabric, be careful to not step on it. Some damage is caused by stepping on it and start to spin.

Heavy storm wind can damage fabrics as silk and cause tangling.

Do not wash your flow props in the washing machine. Hand and soft wash only.

May the flow be with you!