How to start poi spinning?

To start spinning a poi, you need to have a training poi first. We can do it by yourself by making sock poi with rice, lentils or other weights. Or of course you can buy it. Each movement is learned only with a training poi first. Then with you need to train it with fire poi, that is not lit. And only at the end with a fire poi, when the trick is trained well enough.

How to find the perfect poi for me?

Finding the perfect poi doesn’t have to be stressful. If you are a beginner and you are really afraid of fire, do not hesitate to take a small beginner poi. The most important thing is to be able to relax and  be comfortable to play the tricks you have learned with sock poi. If you have experience and think you can do it, you can always take a bigger poi as monkey fist or isis poi. Also, if you want to take a big poi straight, you can wait for it to burn a little before you start spinning. Don’t forget to invite your friends to see if everything is okay around you. An extra pair of eyes is never superfluous.

What is the perfect way for learning?

No matter from where you learn, there are some important rules that will help you progress faster.

1. Always try to stretch your arms as much as possible, to make the trick ” bigger and fuller”.

2 Try to train on music as rhythm helps.

3. Train every day, even for 15 or 20 minutes – there will be a much better result. The reason is that what you need to train is your coordination, and it is trained through accumulation of muscle memory.

What are the perfect fire fans for me?

When choosing a fire fans, it is really important to consider if you are beginner and where the fans will be used. For more technical movements, smaller models are better. For photos or belly dance, the larger the fire fans are more beautiful. Smaller fans are lighter and bigger fire fans are heavier,  need to know that it may feel heavy if you go with bigger fans.







How to find more people to flow with?

You can always ask if somebody is near you in the poi chat group in FB

What is most important for fire safety?

There are a few important rules you need to follow:
– Always spin fire tricks that are well-trained with practice prop.
– Dress in appropriate clothes that suit you. No hanging parts.
– If you are a beginner, think about your hair. You can wear a hat to protect it.
– Always spin fire outside in open spaces, with nothing flammable around.
– Bring a fire extinguisher and / or a wet towel.
– It is good to always have someone to watch you so he can help you if its needed.

Where can I watch your fire show?

There are currently two options for watching me:
– The fire shows I do are only at private events in the region of Bulgaria.
– The second option is in one of the social networks in which I post content tik tok or instragram.