Flow Art Ethic

In the flow world we should really be concentrated on our experience and progress. It’s great to surround yourself with other people looking for the same thing. Encourage more nice people to come and flow along and ignore and avoid people who put you down.

Here are my tips for flow ethic:

Always clean the area where you spin fire.

Help people who want to learn and encourage them to train with training equipment.

Avoid people who make negative comments about other artists.

It is your right to choose the prop with which you spin and the tricks you want to spin. Avoid people who pressure you to learn or make tricks you don’t like.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s path is different. Avoid people who constantly compare how someone spins.

Always have safety equipment and encourage people to have protective equipment. ( Fire Extinguisher, wet towel, first aid kit ).

If you don’t like how someone spins, just don’t watch them. If you like how someone spinning, support them and tell them you like them. Every tricks is made with a lot of effort and it is nice to notice this.

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about how you look. If you need to have tied hair, a hat on your head, a braid, gloves, glasses, loose hair – so do it. It is important to look after ¬†your own safety and to care about your own comfort.

Flow Art Ethic

Surround yourself with nice people and help them on their way around.

flow ethic
Flow Ethic

In essence, the ethic of flow arts is about personal growth, artistic expression, and the cultivation of mindfulness through movement. It’s a practice that emphasizes community, safety, and respect for the art form itself, as well as for the people and cultures from which it draws inspiration.

Always stay positive and keep flowing!