How to learn to play with poi?

Learning something new can be very confusing. For this reason, it is good to have guidelines on what the best learning process is.

1. Get a training poi. He will be your best friend in this adventure. You will always need a training poi, even when you are no longer a beginner. Why? Because every single trick needs to be learned first with a training poi and then with a fire poi.

2. Select a video tutorial source. At first, the movements seem tangled and confusing. That’s why you need someone to show you where the hands are and where the pois are, in which direction they are moving and why.

3. Remember that although spinning is related to the movement of the body, there is a theory behind it. The theory of spinning is not a lot, but it is extremely important and very useful to pay attention to.

4. Once you learn your first moves, you can immediately start improvising and trying to connect them. Learning individual movements without connecting them can cause more difficulties in the future.

5. A person is ready to light in about a month and a half – two after he has started spinning. This way you will have enough movements to practice with fire, and at the same time you will have built a motor memory. For every person this period may be different.

6. The spinning is entirely related to the motor functions of the body. For this reason, it is useful to spin every day, even a little.

7. Once you know the theoretical principles of spinning, you will be able to watch other people freestyles and add their movements to your freestyle just by look.

8. Be limitless in your thoughts for flow achievements.

May the flow be with you!