How to get ready for spinning?

You trained with your sock song and now you want to spin a fire poi. What will you need?

Here is a list of things that will be useful for you to get and that every person who practice fire spinning needs to have.

how to make sock poi

1. You need a bucket to fill the fuel. The fire head of the props is important to be immersed in the fuel, not just the fields from above. The sample bucket here is large, as many people use it. A much smaller bucket can also serve you.

2. Wet towel and wet towel box. You will need it to turn off your fire prop, and also to turn off something else if it catches fire. (You also need a fire extinguisher for fire safety.) Why is it important to put out fire poi before it burns out completely on its own? In this way you prolong its life, because at the end of its fire time, the fuel itself has run out and the fabric itself remains to burn. Of course, you can turn the fire extinguisher until the end of the spinning, a matter of desire. The towel box is for convenience.

3. Catch ken. After watering your turn, you will need it to drain the excess fuel. You can make a Catch ken by cutting a bottle and using the bottom. Make small holes with a soldering iron and tie a rope or shoelaces. The idea is to put the poi inside, being careful not to touch the bottom. Then twist the two things together, trying to rotate with sharp, squeezing movements. After about 20-30 spins, the excess fuel should have drained and remained in the Catch ken. Then put the fuel back in the bucket.

how to make sock poi
how to make sock poi

4. A funnel will help you return the fuel from the bucket to the bottle you have.

5. If the place where you turn is dark, you will need to have a flashlight with a magnet.

6. If you are not one of those people who like to get dirty, you can have a pair of gloves on hand.

7. As well as wet wipes to wipe your hands after turning.

Be responsible and clean up after yourself. Thanks and may the flow be with you!