How to flow with fire and be safe

Safety and fire spinning is extremely important. There are things you need to keep in mind in order to work with fire.

·               Squeeze out excess fuel from the head of tool before you inflame.

·               Beware of any fuel on your hair, clothes and the fabric handle of the tool.

·               Practice your move without fire until you are confident with the move then

you can try with fire.

·               Tight your hair and keep it away from the fire. You can wear a wet scarf to

cover your hair.

·               Do not wear clothes with fabric of lace, fluffy, mesh, nylon, synthetic and ect.

Which are easy to be inflamed

·               Do not wear oversize clothes, especially with lose long sleeves.

·               Keep away from others while you are doing fire spinning.

·               Always pay attention of the others who are around you in case of any fire.

·               Always prepare a wet towel with you when you do fire spinning. It helps

to put off the fire.

·               Regularly check your tools if they are in good condition especially before you spin.

·               Always learn more on safety and help others.

Never panic and always stay calm and aware.

May the flow be with you!