Lily Yo: If you are afraid of fire, you will inevitably get burned

She is very beautiful, gentle and with a graceful figure, at the same time strong enough to play with fire. Rather, to master it, to draw unearthly beautiful figures with it and arouse the admiration of the audience. She is Lily Yotova from the Divinitas Fire Arts Club. For your friends, just Lily Yo.

You lit so much fire tonight. Do you feel like a fire girl?
– I feel connected to the fire, so you can say that I am a fire girl.

Does fire really purify the soul?
– Yes, for me personally-yes. There are people who are engaged in another kind of art and still feel purified. In my opinion, if you love something, you do it with your heart, it purifies you. For me it is fire, for othe

bly get burned. If you underestimate it, too. This is important lesson for the relationship between human and fire is respect for the divine power. After all, it is one of the four elements. It’s really about something big.

I think you control this element ?!
– We are one with fire.

The audience loves you. Your people admire you.
– Yes, many people already know us as a group. They know us not only in Bulgaria. We also became popular abroad. We were in Germany recently. We were very happy there and also they were happy with us. They really appreciate our work ethic an discipline. There can be no chaos where there is fire.

The questions were asked by: Lyubomira Sedevcheva people it is different.

How did you decide to do fire arts?
– I came across a video in which a very good artist was doing a fire show. I felt something special and decided that this was what I wanted to do. I didn’t know then that it would became so serious thing in my life. I was just captivated and I wanted to be as good as this man. So I started, then I continued to include new and more sophisticated appliances (fans, hoops). They are all different, they have a different feeling to spin with and I spin the different fire props depend of my mood.

Aren’t you afraid?
–  Should we be afraid of something? In my opinion, we should not be afraid of fire and in the same time we must not underestimate it. Maybe we shouldn’t be afraid of anything. If you are afraid of fire, you will inevita