Super Spider Fire Fans

Super Spider Fire Fans
NAME Super Spider Fire Fans


SHIPPING Take the store bestseller and dive in to the flow art! Very comfortable for spinning.
MADE OF STEEL frame and KEVLAR head 1.5 in / 4 cm
Fire Fans inner diameter of the ring 3 in
Fire Fans outer diameter of the ring 3.5 in
Fire Fans high 14 in
Fire Fans wide 23.5 in
Fire Fans weight per fan 12 oz
kevlar wick long for each head of the fire fans 20 inch
total kevlar long used in the fans 200 inch

Fire Fans inner diameter of the ring 7.5 cm
Fire Fans outer diameter of the ring 9 cm
Fire Fans high 36 cm
Fire Fans wide 60 cm
Fire Fans weight per fan 330 grames
kevlar wick long for each head of the fire fans 50 cm
total kevlar long used in the fans 500 cm

Artists who spin fire fans experience a wide range of emotions and sensations during their performances. These feelings can vary from person to person and may change depending on the context, experience level, and the individual's connection to their art. Here are some common emotions and sensations that fire fan artists might feel:

Excitement: The anticipation and thrill of performing with fire can be exhilarating. The adrenaline rush that comes with the knowledge that you are about to create a visually stunning and dynamic show can be invigorating.

Nervousness: Even experienced fire fan artists may feel a sense of nervousness or stage jitters before a performance. This is a natural response to performing with a potentially dangerous element.

Concentration: Fire fan artists often enter a state of deep concentration while performing. They must focus on the intricate movements and timing to ensure safety and create a visually captivating performance.

Connection: Some artists feel a deep connection to the fire and the audience. Fire spinning is a unique form of self-expression, and performers often feel a strong connection to the flames and the energy they create.

Elation: As the performance progresses and the artist becomes more comfortable, they may experience a sense of elation. The successful execution of complex moves and the audience's positive reactions can be incredibly rewarding.

Transcendence: Some performers describe a feeling of transcendence or flow, where they lose themselves in the art and become one with the flames. This state of mind can lead to some of the most mesmerizing and beautiful performances.

Vulnerability: Performing with fire fans can make artists feel vulnerable. They are exposing themselves to risk, and this vulnerability can add an extra layer of intensity to their emotions.

Awe: Many artists have a deep appreciation for the beauty and power of fire. The flames can create a sense of awe and wonder, both for the performer and the audience.

Satisfaction: After a successful performance, artists often feel a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. They have shared their artistry and created a memorable experience for their audience.

Respect: Fire fan artists often have a profound respect for the art form, the fire itself, and the safety precautions involved. This respect contributes to a sense of responsibility while performing.

It's important to note that safety is a top priority for fire fan artists. While experiencing a wide range of emotions, they also maintain a strong awareness of the potential risks and adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure a safe and controlled performance.
BURNING TIME 2-3 minutes
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