Flag Poi

Flag Poi
NAME Flag Poi


SHIPPING Light and easy to use. Very good for beginners.
MADE OF High quality real silk
DETAILS Product Name: Soft Silk Flag Poi

Description: Enhance your flow arts and dance routines with our Soft Silk Flag Poi. These poi, carefully crafted from high-quality silk fabric, are designed to bring an extra dimension of beauty and grace to your performances. Featuring a captivating color palette of purple, blue, and bright blue, they not only look stunning but are also exceptionally user-friendly, making them ideal for those just starting out.

Key Features:

Stunning Color Combinations: The flag poi boast an enchanting mix of purple, blue, and bright blue, ensuring your performance radiates elegance and sophistication.

Premium Silk Fabric: Constructed with top-tier silk fabric, these poi enable smooth and fluid movements, allowing for graceful and captivating performances.

Size (EU):

Width: 100 cm
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 228 grams
Size (US):

Width: 40 inches
Height: 11 inches
Weight: 8 ounces
Customizable Handles: You have the flexibility to use these poi with or without handles, depending on your preference. The handle can be easily detached, giving you the choice to match your style.

Sold as a Pair: Each purchase includes a pair of Soft Silk Flag Poi, providing everything you need to create an enchanting performance.

Free Worldwide Shipping: Enjoy the convenience of complimentary global shipping, ensuring your Soft Silk Flag Poi reach you no matter where you're located.

Elevate your performance to new heights with Soft Silk Flag Poi. Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, these poi are perfect for crafting mesmerizing and captivating dance routines. Don't miss this opportunity to infuse your flow arts with an added layer of elegance and grace.

Embrace the poetry of motion with Veil Silk Flag Poi, where every twirl and swirl becomes a serenade to the heart. These flag poi are not just an accessory; they are a love letter to the art of dance, a testament to elegance, and a celebration of passion.

Each pair of Veil Silk Flag Poi tells a story as unique as your own love story. Crafted from the most exquisite silk fabric, they move as if carried by a gentle breeze, painting the air with grace and sensuality. The rich colors, a symphony of purples, blues, and bright blues, awaken the soul to the melodies of love and romance.

Much like the thrill of a first kiss, these poi glide effortlessly through the air, revealing the sensuous and delicate nature of the silk. They offer a canvas upon which you can express your deepest emotions, where every movement is a confession of love, a whisper of passion.

In the embrace of Veil Silk Flag Poi, you'll discover the dance of your heart, as it unfurls in rhythm with your body. The handles are your partners, and they embrace your hands, making your performance an intimate duet between artist and art. With the option to customize handles, you dictate the tempo and style, just like in the art of love.

Sold as a pair, because love is best shared. These poi are more than just props; they are your dance companions, your muses, and your partners in creating a love story that unfolds with every motion. They complete your artistic expression, allowing your spirit to soar in the dance of romance.

And as you waltz into the world of Veil Silk Flag Poi, you'll be delighted to know that we offer free global shipping, ensuring that the magic of these poi can reach you, no matter where you are in the world.

Elevate your performance to new heights with Veil Silk Flag Poi. Let them be the instruments of your artistic romance, crafting mesmerizing dance routines that tell a tale of love and passion. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning, these poi are the key to adding a layer of elegance and grace to your flow arts.

Dance with the heart, express with the soul, and let Veil Silk Flag Poi be your partner in this exquisite love affair with art. It's time to let your artistry and passion unfold in a dance that knows no boundaries and speaks the language of love.
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